Sunday, February 17, 2008

The New Guy

So I've added a new member to the blogroll, "Weapons, Warfare, and Industrial Idiocy." This guy apparently hates libertarians (libertarians such as myself.) I could forgive that pretty easily, but then he had to go and be mean to Spyderco. SPYDERCO. The people with all the patents! Makers of the Clipit! The Sharpmaker! The Military, the Police, the Rescue, the Native . . . . they make a bazillion knives, and most of them are awesome. I just don't get it.

So why does he get added to the blogroll? Because I find myself reading his blog regularly. And because I forgot the name of the blog the other day and wasn't able to get back to it for awhile, until I remembered the right words to make Google happy. And, honestly, there are two things I like about this guy:

1. He loves old knives. He loves old power hammers, and old blowers, and old forges. He loves crazy old steam engines. He's fascinated by oddly-constructed antique tools. What can I say? Me, too.

2. He's capable of being brash, arrogant and overbearing AND of admitting when he's wrong. Sometimes. If that sounds like a left-handed compliment, take a look around the internet and see how many people are truly incapable of saying "I think I was mistaken that time. You were right."
I do it, but only because it's so unexpected that it disarms people and then I smack them again.

So, anyway, go read WWII (Hm . . . what an interesting acronym.)


Oliver Hart-Parr said...

Hey, Don. It's the new guy. Thanks for all the strokes.
I should clarify; I don't hate all libertarians. I distinguish ones ones I respect with a capitol "L".
The Mad Ogre is a good example.
You, being a special-ed teacher, I suspect, rate an upper-case " L" Lib. label. Say that three times fast.
I like everything about the libertarian viewpoint except when it excludes all the folks who simply can't make it without help.
Generally, anyone who sees poverty as a lifestyle choice and affluence as a just reward... I don't know. it aint that simple.

Matt G said...

But the issue can become one of:

A: "should we help these people because we can, and it's the right thing to do", or because

B:"you're the government and you owe me. I can't be expected to get along without my government assistance! That's my Constitutional right, 'choo'know!"

Unfortunately, B very often follows hot at the heels of A.

Anonymous said...