Thursday, July 10, 2008

SAFR Chicago is Upon Us

It's almost here, and I'm going stir crazy.

It's almost 10 p.m. here and the van is packed. The digicam and the laptop are charging. I don't think I've forgotten anything. My possibles bag is loaded up with everything I might need tomorrow (except any weapons, pocketknives, or my multitool, all of which are contraband in Chicago.) I'm going to put food and water in the basement for the dogs, grab a quick shower and get to bed. We've got to get up and get on the road by about 3 a.m. I'm hoping everyone else will sleep in the car. Personally, I expect to sleep very well tomorrow night.

Wish us luck if you're not joining us in Chicago tomorrow, will you?


Anonymous said...

I can't be there physically, but my best wishes will be.
Good Luck!

a Missourian

Dustin said...

Your multitool is contraband in Chicago? Like a Leatherman? Wow.

Joat said...

It's a good thing I never had any dealing with Chicago police the only time I've been in Chicago without a knife was when I had to fly in.

Anonymous said...

I'm with dustin ... a multi-tool?????
But good luck with the
awareness-raising, from your
western Illinois well-wisher.
Anon, don

Matt G said...

I too am amazed that a freakin' multitool is contraband in Mordor.

Here's an interesting photo (third one down.).

Don said...

I'm back! I'm alive!

I don't know what happened, but I cam e home last night at midnight and found my desktop PC and my wireless router were both dead. The router must have reset when we lost power in a storm, but the PC is a mystery. It was off, but not disconnected, so maybe it got zapped by lightning, but all the peripherals work.

Anyway, SAFR was a great time and I'll have photos up as soon as I can.

Don said...

Oh, and the multitool:

In addition to unregistered handguns (and if you wanted to register a handgun, you had to do it in 1982, when I was four years old) Chicago also bans possession of knives with a blade of greater than 2.5" in length. My multitool is bigger than that. If you're under 18, the rule is 2", and you're also prohibited to possess a utility knife--a common box cutter.

Pepper spray, mace and tear gas are completely verboten. They must have had too many drive-by pepperings or possibly the Rapists' Guild complained to Patrician Daley.
(I find that Chicago is less confusing if I think of it as Ankh-Morpork.)

Anonymous said...