Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is that the one with the DeLorean?

Overheard in the living room:

Me: "Hey, look what's on that St. Louis channel: Airwolf!"
My Bride: "That a big deal?"
Me: "Airwolf was one of the finest television shows the 1980s had to offer."
My Bride: "I thought it was a movie? With that guy in it?"
Me: "Well . . . . maybe there was a longer pilot, I guess, but it was a series. It had Jan-Michael Vincent flying a futuristic helicopter and Ernest Borgnine as his mechanic."
My Bride: "Ohhhh! I was thinking of Teen Wolf."

This was immediately followed by My Bride leaping out of her seat and across the room to fall into the desk chair at the computer desk. She apparently thought she could prevent the blogging of her pop-culture faux pas . . . . but you can't stop the signal.


Tam said...

Isn't that the one where the guy played the cello?

The cello is universal action-movie-speak for "introspective loner".

Don said...

Google says yes. I was eight years old when it went off the air, so all I remember is a big black helicopter with a lot of gadgets.

DJK said...

Yeah, and it had the enclosed tail rotor....If I remember correctly it was sort of like a flying version of the A-Team van.

DJK said...

YOu can watch Airwolf here...