Saturday, May 29, 2010

Overheard at School (School's Out Edition)

Hypothetical Teacher and Hypothetical Non-Existent Student are lounging outrageously on a picnic table, watching the other students play basketball in the hot sun on asphalt.

HNES: "You drinkin' coffee? That shit's too hot for this shit out here."
HT: "Remember the part where we don't cuss here, but yeah, it's my coffee. My mother-in-law stayed with us last night, and she made coffee this morning. And it's good."
HNES: "She stay with you at your place? What for?"
HT: "My kids graduated from the eighth grade last night. She came down to see it, and we went to my parents' house for awhile, and then she spent the night with us so she could go home this morning."
HNES: "Ohhhhh."
A pause. The only sound is the breeze rustling through HT's mustache.

HNES: "Y'all got fuckin' wasted, huh?"

1 comment:

Vanilla Chunk said...

Hey! Jeff has found your new home!

re: the swearing. Man, I am so tired of seniors thinking the f-bomb is going to work in my class. Interesting situation: the biggest potty-mouth is in danger of failing. he knows he is on the bubble. Today, he referred to another boy as a 'bitch'- and then, he realized where he was. Instant contrition, instant apology- and I just looked at his greade on my laptop....and smiled a little. THAT shut him up.

Kudos to your new home.