Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

I haven't looked around really hard . . . but I haven't seen a webcomic, Youtube entrepreneur or anyone else do the most obvious slam-dunk eyeball magnet I can think of: The Apocalypse Now bit, starring a reasonable facsimile of Martin Sheen as Willard and, inevitably, a gross caricature of Charlie Sheen as Col. Kurtz.

Then again, when Charlie Sheen does the inevitable interview in which he shaves his head in the presence of a Serious News Reporter and then does a 6-minute monologue about a snail crawling on the edge of a straight razor, real life will once again overtake satire. Maybe somebody did the math and decided that it wasn't worth it to spend a week making a bit that won't be satirical anymore in ten days or so.


Tam said...

In a hoarse whisper: "The winning! The winning!"

Pignock said...

Welcome back.

I guess I can add you back to my favorites list now. I missed your perspective on Illinois gun issues but I guess everyone (else) has a life to live.

Are you going to address the FOID thing?


Don said...

Sure . . . it's no big deal to me personally, because I'm out and proud and already on everybody's list.

To everyone else, it appears to be absolutely infuriating. I think it was done to force us into a distracting fight over the FOID data that would take time and energy away from the rushing, roaring momentum of right-to-carry this session (I can't talk about everything that's happening, nor do I think I know about everything that's happening, but RTC is being described by insiders from other power groups as "the freight train that is coming down the track whether anyone likes it or not." No guarantees, but the momentum is real.)

In the event, I think all they really managed was to agitate and galvanize gun owners, but we'll know in a couple of weeks.