Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Son.

Tam notes that today is a Special Day. Why is today special? Let me count the ways.

Today is the day that Albert Einstein was born. What would the world be like if he hadn't been? Well, we wouldn't have movies like The Absent-Minded Professor, and Back to the Future would be unrecognizable. One shudders to contemplate it.

Today is the day, as Tam also points out, that Karl Marx bought the farm (which was surprising, coming from him. I would have expected a revolutionary committee to seize the farm and entrust it to Comrade Marx's care for the good of all the people.) What would the world have been like if Karl Marx had never died? No one knows for sure, but I picture a heartless, collectivist dystopia ruled by an immortal God Emperor for thousands upon thousands of grinding, endless years. I can't help but think we dodged a bullet there.

Today is also Pi Day. It's the day we celebrate the strangest number there is--an infinite, non-repeating decimal! What won't they think of next?

But that's today's view. What I wonder is, what will future generations say about this momentous day? What will they remember? What will they celebrate with their families as they huddle together in their domes on Venus, trying to keep the cooling systems working and hoping desperately that the Abominable Venusian Tentacle-Beasts don't attack again until Terran warships arrive?

"Gather 'round, children!" they will call, "For it is time for Granny Lum to tell the story of the man born on this day. It's Sean Gwinn Day!"

Sean is one year old today. He's beautiful and happy and wonderful, and he's changed all of us for the better, even his big brothers. But I've been feverish for a couple of days and we were up late last night making cookies for his birthday party, so it's possible this post came out a little . . . . weird. Then again, that could just be me.

Happy birthday, son. Da-da loves you, but if you could say "mama" soon, that would be great. Da-da is getting tired of ma-ma's accusing looks every time you say da-da.


One God said...

Forgot it is Seans B'day - so sorry.

Amateur metalsmith, eh?

Well, today it is (just North of Florida) 75deg. and the trees are budding, flowers are blooming . . .

Uncle John

Don said...

It took me a moment to figure out who Uncle John is, folks, but I think this is really my Uncle John. Is that neat or what?

I said "amateur" because I didn't want to say "bad." It seemed falsely modest somehow.

Don said...

Oh, and don't worry about Sean's birthday. I don't think Melissa sent you an invitation. She said we should send one, because otherwise it would be like you weren't welcome.

I said there was no point in sending it, because it would seem like:
A. We were hinting that you should travel from the Carolinas, or
B. We were hinting that you'd better at least mail a gift. That's what people do with wedding invitations, right?

Anyway, I think she didn't send one in the end, and I can't remember anyone's birthday or much of anything else, so I don't worry about it. Maybe we can put some cookies in the mail or something.

J.R.Shirley said...

Heh. Da-da!

Anonymous said...