Monday, March 24, 2008

Paging the IL State Police: Lawdog would like a word with you.

The LawDog Files: "She was doing everything she was supposed to do to stay alive"

Preach it, brother, tell it to them that got to hear the word.

Remember, everyone, people who tell you not to defend yourself are not looking out for you. They are looking out for them. The way they see it, your violent death is very, very unlikely, and even if you somehow beat the odds and are attacked, there's no actual penalty to them in the end.
But if you put your attacker in a wheelchair, or kill the son of a bitch who tried to kill you, because they advised you that it was the best way to survive a violent attack, then they're responsible--and if the wrong people get wind of it, they might be out real money.
The fact that, statistically speaking, armed resistance actually does beat out both unarmed resistance and capitulation does not enter into consideration for these people.
That's why the Illinois State Police is still telling women that guns are bad, but cutesy ploys like throwing up on your attacker are your best hope. Don't fall for it.


BobG said...

I get so tired of people thinking that a bit of formal martial arts training will protect them. Most of the martial arts I have seen are highly stylized and not much good for actual gutter fighting in the form in which they are taught. They can improve your reaction time and physical conditioning, but they do not give the correct reflexes and mindset that is sometimes needed.
Just my opinion.

Don said...

No, you're right, and shooting can be the same way for most people. Either is better than nothing, but there's no magic talisman that makes you safe. Certainly winning the kata trophy for the 27-30-Year-Old-Brown-Belt class at Master Jim Bob's All-Valley Karate World Championships is not any kind of guarantee that you can fight off the crazy mugger.

Likewise, if you buy a gun and shoot 50 rounds every couple of years, slow fire down a square range at a bullseye, you probably aren't ready to save yourself, either.

Anonymous said...