Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Ascension of Obama Has Cured My Local Gun Show

. . . leaving medical men and other atheistic unbelievers baffled!

Dad and I took the boys (the big ones) to the local gun show today, and what do you suppose I walked out with? A gun? Ammunition? Surely you jest.
I scored three ammunition clips for my Schmidt
-Rubin K31. Put a smile on my face, too.

This picture is from CarTeach0's blog and comes from his excellent range report from when he bought two Schmidt-Rubins . . . took them shooting . . . and was instantly enveloped by the Swiss rifle cult. He is now . . . One Of Us.
Read the whole thing; there's a reason I stole his picture instead of bothering to do my own piece.

Dad, of course, picked up a really neat old 20-gauge side-by-side that dates from the early days of black powder cartridges, plus a wacky antique video game console that came with a light gun that seemed to be constructed from a real pellet gun, metal and all. Dad loves toy guns, and neither of us had ever seen one of these. But then, dad can find interesting things to buy just about anywhere. He picked up quite a few really neat pocketknives, too.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by th
e gun show this time. I've gotten pretty jaded as the ratio of Beanie-Baby/scented candles/coin-and-jerky dealers to tables of gun stuff has risen sharply, but most tables today were all about guns and knives. There are a lot more knife makers and dealers nowadays, but since that conforms to my personal biases, I approve.

At this point, rather than rambling on at length, I offer you the mercy of a quick, bulleted rundown. Things that made me feel great about the gun show today:

  • Lots of tables with guns, lots of tables of knives. A few custom knife makers and even one or two gunsmiths. This is a welcome change from years past.
  • Not ONE table with stuffed animals.
  • The ISRA and SCRA both had staffed tables with plenty of literature, stickers, and all the rest.
  • "IGOLD 2008" stickers were everywhere, free for the taking on most exhibitors' tables, so most people were wearing one. Word is already spreading.
  • One exhibitor even had small stacks of "Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps" patches in his case!


Chris said...

I'm guessing you were at the Springfield Show; I worked the ISRA Booth at the Princeton show and we were passing out the IGOLD 2009 stickers as much as we could.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that is just way too damned shiny (the bit about the UMPC patches, that is).

Something tells me the gun show I might attend tomorrow will not be nearly as enjoyable...

Thirdpower said...

That would be Arcola Guns & Ammo who had the patches. I also sell them through him.

Really wish I had made it to that show this weekend.

Don Gwinn said...

Me, too, but if you come to town, get in touch.

Carteach0 said...

Awww... Thanks!

Anonymous said...