Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peter Hamm Thinks You're a Dummy

That's the only conclusion I can draw. Technically, he also thinks I'm a dummy . . . . and really, I suppose you'd have to say he thinks gun owners in general are gullible fools, rather than insulting any one of us individually . . . . but I'm annoyed, so I'm going with it.

“What could really change the gun issue in America is that the Supreme Court made it clear that there is no secret conspiracy to take away guns,” Hamm said. “I think it’s great progress. Now we can talk about gun control that works.”
So, when the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against a city which had denied the right to keep and bear arms for 20-some years . . . it proved that no one is out to take away guns? I don't think I followed that one, Peter. Because Washington, D.C. fought for years to protect an unconstitutional ban on an entire class of firearms, and appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, we should conclude that they didn't really mean it and no one wants to ban guns?
They DID ban them. They spent millions of dollars and are looking at millions more to defend their decision to ban them.

While we're at it, Peter, we might as well discuss your own group. You folks supported Washington's side in Heller v. D.C., remember? That means you came out in favor of banning those guns, too. It wasn't exactly a secret, I'll grant you, but it's pretty clear that banning guns is not only acceptable to your bunch, but a goal. Just like Barack Obama, Dick Durbin and a bunch of others, you can't hide that just by saying "Of course we support the 2nd Amendment, but . . . ."

(The link goes to SayUncle. I don't know where he got the quote, but that's where I got it.)


Anonymous said...

Sure Lets talk.
Lets talk about prosecuting criminals and not attempting to legislate gun-owners into becoming criminals.

Address the behavior of individuals and not the inanimate object.

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