Monday, April 20, 2009

SHOCKING STORY: ABC Lied to Gun Owners

OK, OK, let's all settle down for a minute! I know you're SHOCKED. I'm SHOCKED, too, but I'm afraid it's true. I didn't want to believe it, either, but the fact seems inescapable:
ABC lied to the gun owners featured in their recent story . . . . and they lied to the rest of us about the gun owners featured in their recent story.
I know, I know, it hurts me inside too, but . . . . uh . . . . you know, I have to say, and I'm not judging anyone here, it seems like the rest of you are not all that shocked.

It's almost as if you expected ABC to create a one-sided smear job created by manipulating honest people. Well, click the link and watch the video of the interview with ABC's evil, gun-owning father, Jan Nickels. When you know his name and he gets a few minutes to explain what really happened, it begins to look like reality is the opposite of what ABC portrayed.