Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Run, Roland, Run!

Roland Burris (D-Blagojevich) explains why he voted in favor of ACORN's federal funding (one of only 7 Senators to do so, along with Dick Durbin (D-Daley household.) Whatever you think of his vote in favor of underage prostitution's tax advantages, you have to admire his steadfast refusal to break into an actual sprint on camera.

heeltoeheeltoeheeltoeheeltoeheeltoeheeltoeheeltoe . . . . ! Maybe there's room for a racewalk championship on that tombstone.


Illinois voter said...

And I'll give you 3 guess's on how Durbin and Burris voted on allowing safe and legal firearm passage on amtrack trains across the nation.

My senators feel people who encourage child prostitution from south american countries must have more rights than a law abiding firearms owners in this country. Thats disgusting.

Anonymous said...

When I viewed the video I thought of the squealing car tires that Roe Conn (WLS, 890AM) plays on his show.

Shootin' Buddy