Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tell me the truth:

. . . . is my font too light?

Would it be better if it were blacker? Or am I just getting too old?

Wait, did I just post a racist font question? I apologize sincerely.
Well, I apologize. Let's leave it at that.

And now, a random story from my youth. The other night, I was telling my parents about taking My Bride and The Boys across the Kampsville Ferry on our trip down to the river to see the replicas of the Nina and the Pinta (short version: it rained. We toured Renaissance caravels in the pouring rain, had a picnic in the pouring rain, went fishing in the pouring rain, drove a hundred miles in the pouring rain . . . then rode the ferry in the sunshine.) My mother assures me that this really happened when I
was about ten years old:
"We were going to cross over the Brussels Ferry to go to the game area, not far from where you and the kids were at Grafton today. Grandpa was with us. You wanted no part of that ferry; the more we talked about it, the more you insisted that you wouldn't ride it, no way, no how.
'I'm not getting on any ferry!' you said. 'You can't mak
e me ride a ferry! I just won't get on!'
'It's not scary, buddy,' your dad said. 'It's just like being on the road. It's actually a lot of fun.'
'I'm not riding a ferry! I don't ride ferries!' you said. You were almost yelling. I was afraid you might cry. Then your grandpa said something like, 'You like to go fishing in my boat, right? This one is actually a lot safer than that. You can't get hurt unless you jump over the side.'
You opened your eyes wide and looked at him like he'd just turned on a light in a dark room.
'Ohhhhh!' you said. 'You're talking about a boat!
' And then you were happy as could be."


qlajlu said...

I like the darker print because I also have tired eyes, but what I would like more is for someone to fix it so my RSS feed would pick up the whole body of your posts. Right now all I get is the title. This all happened after you changed things a while back (new name and whatnot).

Don said...

Lemme take a look. I think there's an option for how much of the post gets syndicated or fed or whatever you call it. Maybe the default is title-only.

Don said...

Hmm. Nope, I have the Feed Settings set to "Full." RSS should be showing the full posts.

Castr8r said...

Instead of a picnic in the rain, you should have dined at Louie's- some of the best catfish fritters you'll ever eat!
And my old eyes see this font OK.