Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Has anyone seen a 22 laying around lately?

Just kidding.

I didn't lose a .22, I lost 22. Pounds. In a little over a month.

And while I was smugly congratulating myself, JR from A Keyboard and a .45 was realizing that he's reached his weight-loss goal o
n his "Take Shape for Life" program. Check this out:I'm not ready to pay someone to help me lose weight (though I do use SlimFast shakes to fill in here and there.) At my current level of obesity, it's not hard to take the weight off. I eat 2000 calories or fewer per day and I walk or bike daily if I can. I also do pushups and bodyweight squats in the mornings. As I get lower on the scale, it'll get harder and harder, and if I really plateau at some point, I may decide to try the stuff JR used. It's hard to argue with his results.


Keith said...

Congratulations, it can be hard to keep it up for very long but you're doing good. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Come on over sometime.

We'll hit the heavy bag and then do burpees until we puke.

Good times,

Shootin' Buddy