Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OK, that's a new one.

I've seen a lot of . . . . interesting ways of writing out calibers from the "mainstream media." Reporters have no idea how firearm nomenclature works, and honestly, it really is a very complex topic if you don't grow up with it. Not only that, but most of these people don't even realize that there is a right way to write these things, so it doesn't occur to them that there is a wrong way, much less that they're doing things the wrong way.

But this one is new even to me. Maybe you've seen it before?
a fully-loaded 9 .mm semiautomatic handgun

I really don't think I have.


Julie said...

definitely different ... but it's not only the media that has problems - my firarms licence lists my Springfield as a 9M ...

Anonymous said...

How come CNN and the Brady campaign say its a machine gun yet it only fires 1 bullet when I pull the trigger? Have I been ripped off?

Don said...

Anonymous, I don't have time to list all the various ways you've been ripped off by CNN and the Brady Campaign.
The short answer is "yes."

Brandon said...

I think it's indicative of the general decline of proper grammar in what passes for "journalism" in this country today. TV news sites are the worst. The stories on the local outlets' pages are no more than text versions of the little one-line sound-bite quips used on camera, and are so full of errors that they're not worth reading.