Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vacation's Over, Mr. President

I just can't make myself care that Big Daddy Priest-King didn't come out to shush us all to sleep. Seriously. Let's all be grownups here.

I disagree with President Obama on gun control, taxes, gun control, socialized medicine, gun control, nationalizing industry and banking, gun control, the proper role of Communists in the Executive Branch, the importance of decency and legality in community organizing, free speech, and gun control, but the mewling of the frightened kitties has got to stop. The President is the Commander in Chief of the military and the executive manager of the federal government. That's it. He's not your God-King.
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Shrimp said...

Ahh, but to the Nanny-Staters, he is the Obamassiah, the Giver of All and Redeemer of the Democrats, and he must quiet the mewling calves before they sow discontent with their complaining.

So, here we have yet another malcontent statist that wishes to be tucked in at night and told that monsters, while they might be real, aren't going to come to our house, because Daddy_O will give them all a good talking to if they do.

Meanwhile, I concur with your position as to exactly what power the office of President holds, and wish the nanny-staters would just shut the hell up.