Thursday, January 28, 2010

More low-carb stuff you don't care about

Broiled salmon with lemon-pepper rub and wasabi mustard for lunch, with a side of those green pepper . . . . things from last night. Why did I ever stop doing this?

Oh, right. Sandwiches and Oreos.


chiefjaybob said...

Biscuits and gravy and corned beef hash for me this morning. Does that fit in the diet?

Don said...

No, but that works for me. I must be the only redneck within 100 miles who doesn't love biscuits and gravy, but they look like they came out of a stomach pump to me.

I had scrambled eggs and a couple of pieces of sausage for breakfast, followed by slices of beef and smoky cheddar for snacking during EMT class, and when I came home, roast chicken I put in the crock pot last night.