Friday, July 2, 2010

Four things Chicago should do when its handgun ban expires--but won't

Four things Chicago should do when its handgun ban expires--but won't

Over at the Chicago Gun Rights Examiner (Motto: Back and mostly almost as good as ever!) I cast pearls before swine and offered the Chicago City Council four pieces of free advice about what they should do to cope with the loss of the nearly late and completely unlamented handgun ban:

1. Take a deep, calming breath and slow down.
2. Invite Mayor Daley to contemplate the power of silent contemplation.
3. Try to remember how we got into this mess in the first place and don't do that.
4. Try to owe Alan Gura and David Sigale as little taxpayer money as possible when it's all over.

As I hit publish, however, WLS reported that the council had just approved Mayor Daley's new package of gun restrictions designed to do the opposite of all four.

Oh, well.


The Autonomous Thinker said...

It's all part of Daley's strategy. Bankrupt his subjects so he can blame the gun industry and gun lobby for the crime AND the budget.

bogie said...

It's easy, really... Boycott Chicago.

I mean, hey, works for California and Arizona, right? Or at least gets headlines... I wonder how well Chicago would do if downstate quit sending them stuff like... oh... food?

Don said...

Thinker, if that's the strategy (you're not the Second City Cop, are you?) then it's working so far. The estimated budget deficits (not total debt, just this year's deficits) are $520 million for the city's budget and over $700 million for the Chicago schools, which are figured separately. That's $1.22 billion with a "b" by my math, and they continue to throw away money on this while declaring that there's no money for police officers or much of anything else.

And even all that is only kept spinning because Daley keeps making deals to sell off city assets for these one-time cash infusions. But when he sold the rights to the parking meters, for instance, he got $1.1 billion, which'll be gone before anyone has time to blink. Then the city will have to get along without the parking revenue those meters bring in, not to mention the fact that Daley apparently sold the rights to a subsidiary of S.P.E.C.T.R.E Worldwide Evil Holding Corporation determined to provoke an armed revolution from Chicago drivers.