Friday, June 13, 2014

Randomness/NSFW/Trigger Warning*: Race Bannon & Brock Samson

This week, over at Non-Original Rants, they had a moment of appreciation for the great "Race" Bannon, the wise-cracking bodyguard who kept Johnny Quest alive throughout my childhood. Sadly, in the real world, there's a guy named David "Race" Bannon. Race Bannon, in the real world, is a bullshidoka con artist who wrote a ridiculous book about assassinating child sex-traffickers for Interpol. Last I heard, he was finally being arrested for fraud after having charged law enforcement and other organizations hefty fees for "expert" presentations on human trafficking and child pornography.

But the Bannon name is covered in glory, too . . . because you can't make a loving parody of little Johnny Quest all grown up (and all messed up) without a Bannon analogue. To fill that void, we have been given Brock Fucking Samson.

*Trigger Warning: somebody posted something on another blog that triggered two separate wandering thoughts in my brain. This might trigger a couple in yours.

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