Thursday, June 5, 2014

The "Rapture Forums Prophecy Conference 2014" Is Coming To Town.

Rapture Forums Prophecy Conference 2014 will be held in Springfield this weekend. This is very exciting news! I have a bit of  scheduling conflict, but I'm hoping I can make the Thursday evening session, billed as "
THE 100% SOLUTION: A survey of past Biblical Prophecy and its 100% accuracy." That should be awesome. Unfortunately, the scheduling conflict is with a party my wife wants me to attend with her, but, I mean . . . she'll understand, right? I figure the party is at 6:00, so if I leave about 6:45 to make it to a sketchy Bible prophecy lecture by 7:00, everybody'll be OK with that. But there's this nagging voice in the back of my head trying to tell me that I may be stretching the social convention a bit.

Maybe if I invite everybody to come along? is a thing that exists on the internet.

Then there's a session on Saturday morning that I'll probably have to miss because it'll cut into my gym time, "Nathan Jones: PAVING THE WAY: The role of technology in the End Times." I was relieved to find that it's not being presented by Rear Admiral Nathan Jones, Ret., a fine and friendly gentleman who publishes the Virden Recorder in the greater Virden metropolitan area. I really like Rear Adm. Jones, and his wife is a hoot. It could have been awkward if it'd been him . . . but . . . I really do want to know about technology and how it paves the way to armageddon.

I think I'll start by registering and then just see how many sessions I can fit into my schedule. Apparently there's a session on Sunday about coming wars in the Middle East, which would certainly be a feather in any prophet's cap if it it turned out to be true. "Brother Nathan prophesied that there would be a war in the Middle East, and lo and behold, it has come to pass! How could he know?"

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