Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vacation's Over, Mr. President

I just can't make myself care that Big Daddy Priest-King didn't come out to shush us all to sleep. Seriously. Let's all be grownups here.

I disagree with President Obama on gun control, taxes, gun control, socialized medicine, gun control, nationalizing industry and banking, gun control, the proper role of Communists in the Executive Branch, the importance of decency and legality in community organizing, free speech, and gun control, but the mewling of the frightened kitties has got to stop. The President is the Commander in Chief of the military and the executive manager of the federal government. That's it. He's not your God-King.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Prepare yourself for a great shock.

Are you ready? Are you prepared? Is your mind right? OK, here it is:

It turns out that Senator Charles Schumer is a rude jerk who thinks he's better than everybody else.

Do you need to sit down? Don't try to take it all in at once, it's a shock to the system. He always seemed so nice when he was trying to crush the spirits of the proletariat.

Big, big news here.
(I wish I could track down the credit for this photo, but I can't. If you know it, please let me know.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gun-banning Illinois town issues whistles to citizens.

Gun-banning Illinois town issues whistles to citizens.

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New Chicago Gun Rights Examiner column . . . . there are only two cities with municipal handgun bans left in the United States as far as I know: Chicago and Oak Park. There's a reason Oak Park decided to stick with Chicago for what is almost universally acknowledged as an inevitable and inglorious defeat, but that's in the column. The thing for you to know as you decide whether to read it is that Oak Park is having trouble with armed robberies, so they've decided to implement a bold solution:

They're passing out whistles. No, seriously, I swear. Whistles.