Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guns, the Guard, and Guts

No, Paul, "we" should not want to emulate Baghdad in Chicago. Instead we should emulate Indianapolis . . . and St. Louis . . . and Kansas City . . . . and Miami . . . . and the the bunches of other major American cities where the right to keep and bear arms is protected from the kinds of assaults Mayor Daley subjects it to in Chicago . . . . cities where violent crime and murder are also much rarer than they are in Chicago.

Chicago has a small group shooting people and a huge group not shooting people. Taking guns away from the group that doesn't shoot people didn't stop the small group from shooting people. Taking guns away EVEN HARDER BY GOD TILL IT STARTS TO WORK is not going to be any more effective. You're trying to tighten the tourniquet on an uninjured leg while we bleed out from the other. It's not going to stop the bleeding, and the leg you're applying it to is getting pretty short of oxygen by now.