Sunday, August 19, 2007

No, I Will NOT Respect Your Privacy

I'm sometimes a little distressed at how cool everyone else is. I hadn't read Skywriter before today, but she's got a neat life going on over there from what I can see. If nothing else, she's a pilot. People say that casually, but think about it--these are people whose job or hobby it is to sever all physical connection to Earth (that's the planet on which we live, people, except for pilots) And soar off into the atmosphere so high that they can't even see you or me.
And yet I wave every time.
She also gets to shoot a lot more than I do (but who doesn't) and is a much better shot, too. My wife is a little jealous of my open admiration of Tamara, so it's probably best that I not mention my discovery that there's a gun-toting pilot who looks like Dana Scully out there somewhere.
(Relax, honey, I don't want to date Tamara; I want to be Tamara. You know, when I grow up.)

Anyway, this is the part where I pretend briefly that there's a coherent point to this essay before rambling about Cuban special forces and Mantis Kung Fu. Don't worry; it'll be seamless from where you're sitting. Skywriter says she's added me to her blogroll and asked if that's OK with me. Of course it is, but it raises a question that buzzes around my head sometimes when I should be working.
I sometimes wonder why people ask--honestly, I don't ask anyone for permission to put their link up. My thought is that YOU went to some trouble to post these words on the widest information-distribution network in the history of the human race, so you must be OK with people seeing it.

It wasn't that long ago that a troll on an internet forum,, thought he would bluff me by telling me that I had invaded his master's privacy because I posted photographs of his beloved master doing some silly things--things like a gun disarm technique that involved pointing your opponent's pistol at your own face while hitting him with it! Now, I agree that having such photos of yourself posted on an internet forum could be embarrassing. So how dare I post them?

His "master" had already posted them on the internet, on his own website, in an attempt to drum up business. Those pictures actually have been removed now, but it was too late--they're archived at if you know how to find them. The internet never forgets.

This is what I had to say at the time. I haven't changed my opinion.

I am endlessly amused at the people who publish information about themselves on a gigantic, global, world-spanning digital information network and then act offended because someone dares to comment on it. Standing in the middle of Yankee Stadium during the season opener carrying a sign with your martial arts claims in flashing lights would be a far more private affair than posting them on the internet. It's the internet, for the love of Pete. It has no purpose whatsoever except to distribute information to the greatest number of people across the widest geographic area possible. MY face is posted here as well, you know, along with my very unimpressive sparring videos. I post as Don Gwinn on every forum I visit with the exception of and Glocktalk, where I am still called Gwinnydapooh. I've got nothing to hide.
As for Julio Garcia, Alonzo Jones, and all the rest, if they've got something they want to keep private, fine. Just keep it private. Don't post it on the internet. When you do, it's up for discussion. Period.

And because I'm such a disrespectful and dangerous guy, here are the two photos I posted which showed [GASP!] Mr. Garcia's face. That's right, I'm posting them again, so if you internet stalkers have been frustrated at trying to find out what he looks like from the twenty photos on his own public gallery, here you go.

Here we see Mr. Garcia demonstrating the feared WTR Front Kick (named for its chief exponent, Walker: Texas Ranger.) From the expression on the uke's face, I derive some hope that this was just goofing around and he doesn't actually mean for people to do this.

And here we have the deadliest of the Cuban special forces hand-to-hand techniques: striking a hard object smartly with a pistol while aiming it at your own face. Now, again, he could be goofing off here, but somehow I don't think so. He also could be advocating, not striking the opponent, but pushing the pistol into his cheekbone to get compliance. Frankly that wouldn't make things much better; his attacker's other arm is free and that would amount to giving him back the gun.

I'm still working on tracking down some evidence that Mr. Garcia's biography and martial arts claims are true. He has quite a story; he says he was a Lieutenant in the Cuban special forces and personally guarded Fidel Castro before coming to the U.S. So far, I can't find any information on a personal bodyguard to Fidel Castro defecting to the U.S., which seems odd to me, but what do I know? It's not like he's a baseball player or a boxer or something important, just a bodyguard.
If this guy's story is true, it's the equivalent of a member of the Secret Service's Presidential Detail defecting to China. It's hard to believe that sort of thing didn't make the news, but absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence, so the investigation continues.


Mr. Fixit said...

The truth is out there, keep looking.

Also, I see no photos, only white lines.

And of course you'll have the good taste not to mention that I spoke to you.

10% said...

You forgot the dreaded "Take cover behind the person you are protecting, while simultaneously drestroying their hearing."

Medic 61 said...

That happened this past October. I just found out on Wednesday that I passed my state EMT exam, and my cards came in the mail Friday!

And yes, since getting some more experience, I've found that my apparent lack of skill is what makes me all the more authentic :)

Thanks for the comment!

Don Gwinn said...

Is that you, Sam?

I think that one was supposed to go on your blog. :)

Matt G said...

Hey, Don, your pics aren't loading for us.

Don Gwinn said...

Hmmm . . . try that. I don't think you can see images at Bullshido unless you're registered and logged in.

Don Gwinn said...

10%, that is indeed valuable stuff! That's new since the time when I originally pulled these. I was looking at this guy only as a byproduct of an inquiry into a martial art called "Comba-Tai" (with a claimed 6,000 year direct lineage back to ancient Mesopotamia and Kush.)

I can just about see a use for that one--if you're the only guard and attack comes from the other side of the principal, realistically, what else can you really do, at least in the first moment? The pro's answer is probably not to be in that situation, but there you go.

skywriter said...

I was flattered you think I'm cool. :-) I spent the afternoon pulling weeds in the flowerbed, real exciting that is. The only reason I get to shoot that much is I traded the airline pilot thing for being a pilot for a three letter agency. Still having fun, but I get a badge and cheap shooting at the law enforcement range now.

Don Gwinn said...

Yes, yes, your life as a flying federal agent must be very boring. We all feel for you.

Pulling weeds, on the other hand, is definitely boring. I solve that problem by leaving them there.

I was going to mow the lawn and pull weeds after school today, but I laid down with the baby on my chest and the next thing I knew, I was waking up. It was dark outside.

jrshirley said...

Heh-heh. You've always got to keep yourself safe, even when attacking.

Unless you're deliberating inviting an attack. Even then, I've been taught to hold a weak posture for long will cost you (maybe because your body knows you're leaving yourself open?).