Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Trailer Park Full of Child Molesters . . . . Well, Hmm.

It has finally happened: Tam has been left snarkless. It turns out that there's a trailer park in Florida that specializes in housing sex offenders. Well, they've got to live somewhere, and now that they're registered and being chased out of neighborhoods with torches and pitchforks, I guess something like this was inevitable.

The whole thing sends me on a walk down memory lane, back to the days of long discussions with Shazaaye Puebla, self-appointed crusader for sex offender rights. He showed up on trying to sic us on another "Apache martial artist" with a fraud investigation . . . . but he spent a lot of time talking about:
  • peyote
  • downloading belief systems
  • deadly Apache knife-fighting
  • peyote
  • blending Apache and Celtic cosmology to form the ultimate woo-woo power in the galaxy
  • the bitter injustice in how society treats child molesters
  • peyote
  • how no one understands that the sexual molestation of children is caused by society, not the offenders
Our keen investigative minds immediately switched on. There was humming, buzzing, and more than a few sparks, and then a thought came floating forward through the ether, dimmed and waving as if it were being viewed through murky waters:
"Hey, this guy might not be legit."

Hilarity ensued.


Strings said...

Now, this may sound odd coming from me, but there IS a problem with the whole "NOT IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!" thing. If enough sex offenders can't find a place to be released, the law requiring that folks be notified can be challenged in court. At which point it could go away. That said...

My first thought when reading Tam's take on this trailer park was "target rich environment"...

BobG said...

I think the place is a good idea; at least we know where they are.