Monday, October 29, 2007

My New Man-Purse Is Unstoppable

Apologies and all that.

More to come later, but I wanted to drop a note here to say that the new bag is good kit. Right now I carry a SIG P220, two loaded magazines, a knife or two, a light, keys, wallet, phone, EMS pager, some papers, and often a can of soda in the bottle pocket. Yesterday I took Melissa to the mall (her one birthday wish--she thought my idea was too expensive) and walked about 500 miles around that place. It was a whole lot more comfortable than the fanny pack, and although neither is exactly cool, nothing is as uncool as a fanny pack. If anyone gave the bag a second look, I didn't see it.

It'll be even more awesome with my MHI patch on the big flap.

I've been practicing with it a little,and it's not bad, although the fanny pack was actually a faster access--if the fanny pack is "Six Seconds to Safety," this rig is 12-15. It would be hard to draw the gun with one hand and a magazine with the other, as I did with the fanny pack, so with an unloaded gun things are slower. Of course, it's not designed for an unloaded gun, but that's Illinois law and there's not much I can do about it for now.


Less said...

"...but that's Illinois law and there's not much I can do about it for now"

I hear you, though the thing that we can do is joing ISRA, vote, write, step up our efforts and watch as DC's ban gets messed up. There maybe hope for us yet...
(Granted, that's 30 years in the future...)

Don Gwinn said...

Yup, I've done that. And right now, Mac at TBI2 is working on putting together small groups of activists to go out and pick off incumbents.

First target is Dan Kotowski; we'll be going into his district and going door-to-door for starters. It's either going to be a huge surprise or a huge failure. We'll see, but I don't think Kotowski is as secure as a lot of the "gun supervision activists" like to pretend.

Rabbit said...

I looked at the Fatboy a couple of weeks ago; first time I've gotten to really see one live and in person. To me, it just seemed a little 'smallish', even though it's the larger of the Versipack originals. I'm thinking I want to see a Jumbo and ferret throught it before absolutely making my mind up. That poor old Galati I've been carrying for years is looking worse every day.

Keep updating us on what you think about yours. Maybe you could be a corporate shill for Maxpedition!


Don Gwinn said...

I haven't seen a Fatboy in person. I did think it looked a little small for what I wanted.
The Jumbo works well for me, but it certainly is big. It's still noticeably smaller than a laptop bag when it's not fully loaded, but it'll hold a lot of stuff and I can see it getting obtrusive if you stuffed it too full.

At this point I'd be glad to sign on to advertise these. Do you think there's a big fat schoolteacher market they're not fully reaching?

skywriter said...

I want one of those. . these silly girl purses barely hold my P220 let alone all the accessories.

Don Gwinn said...

It's a little tight for a 220, and anything bigger would probably have to be angled, but the 220 and two magazines do fit in the same compartment. If I could carry it loaded, it would work very well.

Illinois sucks sometimes.

Jonathan said...

congrats on your Murse.

Rabbit said...

That's what I wanted to hear; I carry a P229 most of the time (in a C-TAC) but I like my P220 a lot, too. I kept thinking 'gee, that sure doesn't look quite big enough' when I was pawing at the Fatboy. Given that I'll have other stuff I'll put in there as well it would behoove me to step up to the Jumbo and circumvent getting the Fatboy at this point.

Thanks again.

Scully, SWMBO has a Galco purse that she likes a lot. Pricey, but nice. However, she's been using a series of shoulder bags for the last 3 or 4 years that she's bought through a company out of San Diego (I think) called Alamo Leather. Lots of internal pockets, well-made, and good, soft goatskin. I think she's been paying around $80 for them. I don't think they have a website, but I can probably find an address and maybe a phone number.


Sean said...

While I like my Fatboy, I think the Jumbo is definitely a better choice & is on my "to buy" list for one main reason - the carry compartment on the Fatboy just isn't big enough! My G27 is a tight fit going in and out, much less a full-sized - I plan to get some tailoring done to address it, but still an issue. YMMV, but wanted to share. Still great kit & worth the money.

Anonymous said...