Monday, November 19, 2007

In Other News: Robyn Ringler Still Irrelevant

You know, when Robyn Ringler started deleting comments, then announced that she wouldn't accept comments anymore because gun owners are just too mean for "reasoned discourse," some of us just failed to get the message. A few of us even persisted in being mean (defined here as pointing out what Robyn said and giving our opinion of her thoughts.) I joked at the time that Robyn was taking her ball and going home.

Today I checked back in with Robyn when I logged in with my wife's laptop and noticed that Robyn's RSS feed is still there. You will share my amazement that she hasn't posted anything since the lame joke she put there in September when she told everyone to sod off:

To those of you wondering—yes, I did write the blurb under my photograph. Sorry I told you. I just couldn’t let some poor innocent hack take the blame! As you continue to read my blog, you’ll just have to decide whether I could really be so arrogant or whether there just might be a small possibility that I have a wonderful sense of humor!

But, Robyn, what if I can tell you're joking and I still see no evidence of a sense of humor?