Saturday, July 5, 2008

Less Than One Week Until SAFR Chicago!

The Second Amendment Freedom Rally (Chicago) is less than one week away. Things are proceeding apace. I have been Shanghaied into serving as "Head Marshal" (I responded to a call for 80 marshals and one head marshal . . . . and was thanked for volunteering to be Head Marshal.) That leaves me without much work to do until Friday morning, when we set up the rally and meet with the Marshals, except one thing: recruiting.

We'd like to have about double the number of Marshals required on our permit from the James R. Thompson Center. They require us to have 44 Marshals for the number of people they estimate will fill the plaza. We'd like to have around 70-80.

Would YOU like to be a Marshal? Shoot me an email at and let me know. Marshals will be required to help attendees find their way, pass out literature, make sure aisles and doors are kept clear, keep people from carrying or posting signs inside the building, and smile a lot. Those who can stay after the rally ends will be asked to help us clean up and de-litter the place so it looks better after we're done than it did when we arrived.

Pay is one free hat for the first 72 volunteers, with the possibility of homemade chocolate-chip cookies.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jane...... you have a space here on you email address. Between The

Is this a typo?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Good question--although I don't know who "Jane" is.

Anonymous said...

I'm referring to your "Jane" type Serenity / Firefly Knit hat.....

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ah--gotcha. Anyway, hopefully Don . . . er, Jane, will see the question soon, and answer. My guess is that no space is supposed to be there.

Don said...

That's Jayne to you . . . Jane is a girl's name.

Anyway, the mail link should work now. Volunteers are pouring in. I talked to the Sangamon County Rifle Association's meeting tonight, and I hope to get a few minutes to ask for volunteers at the Guns Save Life monthly meeting over in Champaign tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Don, you wrote that,

"(I responded to a call for 80 marshals and one head marshal . . . . and was thanked for volunteering to be Head Marshal.) "

Maybe it's because of your style and grace; maybe it's due to your Elite THR Mod Skillz, and maybe it's because you're a Big, Burly Guy...

...but I suspect that it's the Cunning Hat that screamed to them, "Oooooh, Pick Me, Pick Meeee!" ;)

Wish I could be there. All the best.


Anonymous said...

Is this a good time to ask if the marshall hats are going to look like the knit one your wearing here?

If so I may want to retract my volunteering.

Don said...

Well, I might wear mine. Man walks down the street in that hat, people know--there goes a man who's not afraid of anything. . . .

Anonymous said...

Just remember, we're having a rally at the place, we're not occupying 'em this time."

Anonymous said...