Friday, April 3, 2009

Did IL State Rep. Dunkin Really "Table" his $1 Million Insurance Bill?

Armed and Safe: Did IL State Rep. Dunkin lie about tabling mandatory $1 million liability insurance for gun owners?

Short answer? Maybe, but as of today, he did actually table it. Confused yet? Here's the short-short version:
  1. Representative Kenneth Dunkin introduced House Bill 687 in the Illinois House. HB0687 set a requirement that every Illinois gun owner immediately take out a $1,000,000 insurance policy to cover himself against any damages done with any of his firearms, including willful misuse.
  2. Word spreads, and even national media take notice.ISRA, NRA, and grassroots lobbyists pester Dunkin relentlessly, explaining why his bill would wipe out gun ownership (and is therefore unconstitutional and, after D.C. v. Heller, impossible to defend in the courts.
  3. Thousands of Illinois gun owners descend on the Illinois state capitol on Gun Owners Lobbying Day. Representative Dunkin is interviewed by Cameron Gray of NRANews; he cheerfully announces that he has been "educated" by gun owners and has "tabled the bill."
  4. About two weeks later, on April 2, HB0687 moves to 2nd Reading, one step away from coming up for a vote. Gun owners sigh and prepare to be screwed. Again. Phone calls to Rep. Dunkin's office begin.
  5. The next day, on April 3rd, the bill suddenly shows as "Tabled by bill sponsor" on the IL General Assembly website. Rep. Dunkin's office begins calling gun owners back to let them know about the change (at least, they called me, and since they have no idea who I am, I assume they called everyone back.)
So that's where we are right now. I haven't spoken to Rep. Dunkin, and the man is slicker than a greased Senator so it's hard to know where we stand with him in any case. Did he think HB0687 could slip by until it was too late to prevent a vote? I don't see how anyone could think that, given the way gun owners are bulldogging the capitol this year, and I don't see how he could possibly have the votes given that every anti-gun priority has gone down to defeat so far. So did he and his staff simply not follow through for whatever reason? That's my guess.


Anonymous said...

Don I sometimes think Chicago politicians live by the theory of a scandal having a two week long shelf life.

Most of the big city shysters seem to feel the average public Joe tends to forget about issues or just plain not care anylonger if they can keep it out of the headlines for a couple weeks then it's back to the usual games.

Don said...

I wouldn't dare argue with that, because you can see it happen over and over again. I guess I'm just being a little bit careful how fast I jump on Rep. Dunkin because I have hope that he's coming around (maybe not at our pace, but possibly at his pace--and that's all anyone can ask.)

I have my suspicions, of course. The man just radiates slickness. I feel like he's trying to sell me an extended warranty every time I see him.

Anonymous said...

One has to ask is it even possible for a honest person to survive in Chicago Politics?
The conditions in which they would be amongst make it highly unlikely.
Its like a cilid amongst Lions in the Colosseum.

Anonymous said...