Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Sure About That?

I hate to tell you your business, Lookman, but are you sure that's the story you want to go with today?

My names are Lookman David. I am the director of information Her Majesty Custom and Revenue, London United Kingdom.. . . ."


Anonymous said...

419 scammer?

Don said...

I have my suspicions. Lookman David says Her Majesty Custom and Revenue, London United Kingdom has found 400 million Euros of "UNdeposited" revenue, a large chunk of which was apparently owed to me.
They would like to deposit it for me.

Most 419's don't get through my ISP's spam filters, but I thought this one was entertaining.

yas said...

Jeepers dude you hit the jackpot!

Marry me and take me away from all the Illinois / chicago area lunacy!

; )

Don said...

I was recently promised some very attractive favors in return for installing a simple bathtub by my beautiful wife who reads my blog.I can only imagine what she'll do when I come home with my share of 400 million Euro money of Her Majesty Government Service. I doubt you could top it!

Chip said...

What a coincidence I have some of that money coming also!