Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh, Brady Campaign, Will You Never Learn?

Those lovable scamps are at it again.

Now, as per Armed and Safe, Days of Our Trailers, and the IllinoisCarry forums (I'm a day late and a dollar short as usual) comes this tale of ineptitude. You see, the Brady Bunch and their friends in the "Freedom States Alliance" (total membership: 27) wanted the usual Daley list of gun control bills for Illinois to pass in the worst way. Unfortunately, Daley proposes these bills every year, and they lose every year. This year, gun owners called, faxed and emailed legislators in a flood of public opinion which, combined with having 2500 fed-up citizens show up to lobby on a work day, convinced the Capitol that voting for gun control is a bad idea. To the anti-gun lobby, that seemed like a dirty trick--how dare ordinary citizens call their representatives and tell them how to vote?!?

But dare we did. So now they're trying a new tack: copy the tactics that work. They're sending out postcards and making robocalls to voters in two key districts, pleading for voters to call the representatives and "tell them they voted wrong on HB758." Well, HB758 would have outlawed private handgun sales (such as they are in Illinois, where you must retain a record of the other guy's FOID card for ten years and the 3-day waiting period applies to private sales) so as it turns out, a LOT more people are calling to thank the representatives for their votes. I just called, and Representative Sandy Cole's secretary is having a good chuckle over all this. There's no one answering the phone at Representative Reboletti's offices, so I'll be sending a fax in a moment. In any case, from what I hear, Rep. Cole's office is getting five pro-gun calls for every one anti-gun.

Brady Bunch, what did you expect? You have no popular support. You raise tiny amounts of money. You can't do anything on a grassroots level. But you've seen us do it over and over again. You've seen how we get hundreds of phone calls to any legislator who needs to hear from us. You've seen 2500 average people take the day off from work and travel to Springfield at their own expense to oppose you. You know how many millions the NRA raises from donors who give less than $200 apiece, while you grovel in front of George Soros and the Joyce Foundation for the funds to keep the lights on. How do you see all that happening right in front of you and still not get it? This was no more than a tantrum on your part. It might have felt good for a moment, but you knew from the start that it couldn't work, and now you're worse off than you were before.

For your own good, Brady Bunch, seriously, just pretend Winnebago County isn't there for awhile. I don't know if your poor hearts can handle what's going on up there.


Derius Thoran said...

How funny is it that the Brady Bunch gets to shoot themselves in the foot so to speak? I will be providing some pro-gun calls and faxes myself. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...