Sunday, June 15, 2014

Two of Ron Swanson's ex-wives are named Tammy. His mother's name is . . . Tamara. Every thirty days, he buys $140 worth of shotgun shells and cigarettes and sends them home to her.*
I'm not saying that's significant in any way, necessarily, it's just something I never knew until today.

Later in the same episode, the gang actually goes to Tamara's house.  Andy is enthralled to find that there is "a whole room of just guns!"  Leslie asks why there is a room full of just guns. Tamara replies:
"This is America we're in right now, isn't it?"
"Yes . . ."
"So that means I don't have to answer stupid questions while I'm standing on my own land."

So, I'm not saying, I'm just saying . . . there are aspects of the character that remind me of somebody.

*Parks and Recreation Episode #48, "Ron and Tammys."

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