Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh, Man, I've Been Waiting For This!

I bet you RSS users thought this was going to be about Blago being impeached, right?


No, Gun Nuts: The Next Generation is finally available on ITunes. That means I can put the episode on my Ipod and listen to it while I do something else. I use the Ipod for podcasts more than music nowadays; I like Writing Excuses (for writing advice from writers who actually sell their work for a living) and The Ultimate Podcast (for discussion of mixed martial arts competition from every possible angle.) I have a few others I cycle in and out, but those are the mainstays, aside from The Shooting Bench.

This would have been better news before I got my audio issues worked out, because back then I was still able to download podcasts and put them on the Ipod even though I couldn't listen at the computer. But I'm not complaining.

Actually, I do wonder how many people will really take advantage of this. I don't know how many listeners the show normally has, but for most of my friends, the chat is half the point, so you might as well be in front of your computer anyway. Personally, though, I plan to download the ones I missed. Tomorrow I'll listen to those while I'm working on the plumbing; that'll mask the caterwauling of My Bride's pseudo-country music station.