Saturday, January 17, 2009

Search Terms: Peter Hamm Needs a Publicist or Something

Do you realize that this blog is the seventh-ranked Google result for "Peter Hamm?" That's weird. Even weirder: this blog is the only result on the first two pages of Google results for "Peter Hamm" that references Peter Hamm from the Brady Campaign to Steal Firearms. The rest are links for all kinds of Peter Hamms doing all kinds of things, ranging from chiropractic to appearing in exploitation movies.

Just to see if it would give me better results, I typed in "Peter Hamm gun control" and was rewarded with a page of results that do all pertain to the Peter Hamm gun owners know and love. On that page, though, this blog is the number one result. That is, the last post that mentioned Peter Hamm is the number one result--that would be the post from December 2nd of last year. They say tragedy pimpin' ain't easy, and certainly the business is cyclical, but I wonder if Peter is lying low or something.