Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bayou Renaissance Man for the win

. . . . to see how things turned out for Bayou Renaissance Man. He was scheduled for triple-bypass surgery today.

Peter has survived bullets, apartheid, the Louisiana prison system (well, as a chaplain, not an inmate, but he did have an epic battle with their bureaucracy in between inmates) war, and a whole lot of other bad things. He was a Catholic priest when people began to realize that the Catholic church in the U.S. had been systematically covering up child molestation for decades--it was not a good time, but his faith came through.
He was a missionary in South Africa at a time when people were literally putting tires full of gasoline around each others' necks and setting each other afire--and he was making enemies.
He was a gun-toting priest who ministered to the most lost souls he could find--men imprisoned for murder, rape and robbery in the Louisiana state penitentiary system.

He looks like a harmless, smiley little cherub, but he's not the cherub coronary disease should be fucking with. He's generous, kind, faithful and courteous, but he's anything but harmless.

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