Friday, October 23, 2009

Schwarzenegger Delivers Gun Violence Prevention Advocates Victory In California

Congratulations . . . . you've managed to reinstate a dumber version of the ammunition sales laws that were repealed nationwide in 1986 because they were simultaneously onerous and useless. Savor your victory while you can.

Try not to think about McDonald v. Chicago and whether California will be subject to the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution by next summer.

Try not to think about whether, once that happens, Calguns and the SAF will be waiting on the courthouse steps to file immediate lawsuits against California on 2nd Amendment grounds.

And I wouldn't lose any sleep over whether the requirement to be fingerprinted in order to buy one box of .22 plinking ammunition can be construed as "reasonable" by a judge with a pulse. Or whether you can pass strict scrutiny with a state law that requires an expensive federal license to buy or sell lawful ammunition in a lawful way.

I'm sure it'll all work out for you.
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NotClauswitz said...

The great thing is that overturning it on non 2nd Amendment grounds is asymmetric, and digs further holes in the patchwork of gun-control already in existence, further destabilizing it, and by creating "good" case law it's even harder to re-trench. HA! Go CalGuns!