Friday, February 19, 2010

I have issues. Issues I got from the internet.

I started a new job a few days ago, and the day after I brought in a box of breakfast granola bars, ate one, and left the rest in the kitchen, people apparently ate the rest and threw the box away.
That's not the issue . . . the issue is that I caught myself thinking of writing a really passive-aggressive note about it, but decided not to bother because my phone won't take a good enough picture to be legible on

Also, the school district that just hired me uses Macs exclusively. My classroom machine is a big white EMac. Everything about it is backwards and wrong.


Tam said...

What's bad is when you have to go back and forth, no?

I'm back on the PC, and hitting wrong buttons...

Don said...

I did eventually discover that there's a menu full of useful functions like turning off the computer hidden behind that little blue apple in the top left corner.

I think it would run better if they'd let me download the modern versions of Eudora, Safari and basically everything else. As near as I can tell, I have versions from 2004 or so.

I would commit murder for a right-click button and a little roller-wheel dealie, though.