Wednesday, February 3, 2010

IL Gubernatorial primary election goes crazy, punches horse, drinks aftershave

Seriously, it's crazy here. Crazy awesome.

The short version: There were two mildly anti-gun Democrats running for Governor of IL, and they tore each other up, ending up about 7,000 votes apart. Their race is probably over, but it was fun while it lasted, featuring Democrat gems like accusations of racism from both sides over the Dan Hynes ad that featured former Chicago Mayor Harold Washington explaining why he fired Governor Quinn from Chicago city government in the 1980s. Why is that racist? Well, it's old video! Harold Washington is dead!
Still not racist? Well, Harold Washington was black, and it's either racist to feature a dead black man in your commercial (even if he was a unique authority on your opponent and no one disputes that his comments are being used in context) or it's racist to criticize a commercial with a dead black man in it . . . . depending on which side you want to win.
Anyway, the spectacle last night was fantastic, with Quinn declaring victory at about the same time Quinn was vowing to fight on "until tomorrow," perhaps unaware that it had already been "tomorrow" for about half an hour by that time.

In the GOP race, everyone knew that it would come down to a showdown between Kirk Dillard, Andy McKenna and Jim Ryan (Dillard is the only pro-gun candidate in that troika.) Fiery Tea Party newcomer Adam Andrzejewski (An-jee-EFF-ski) was considered a possible spoiler, having lots and lots of Facebook fans and having gotten a late mention from Rush Limbaugh himself (tranquilizers be upon him.) But someone forgot to tell Bill Brady, the only candidate other than Dillard with a pro-gun voting record (arguably a stronger record than Dillard's, but not by much.) At the moment, as the candidates are sitting down to the GOP's "Unity Breakfast," Brady and Dillard are locked in a virtual tie for first place. With 97 precincts still unreported, Brady holds a lead of 503 votes. It's anybody's ball game, and a recount is almost guaranteed, but for Illinois gun owners this is a battle between a great candidate and a splendid candidate.


Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

lee n. field said...

And it looks like Ryan's down 25K votes, which means he's toast, which is muy cool.

Don said...

Jim Ryan actually said in his concession statement that he is now permanently retired from politics.

chiefjaybob said...

When I cast my vote for Brady, I figured it was probably "wasted." I didn't think he had a chance. I figured this race between Ryan the RINO and McKenna the UnOutsider. Can you imagine my shock and delight Wednesday morning when I saw who the front-runners were? Christmas comes twice this year!

Anonymous said...

Tell us about the Dem Lt. Gov. candidate, Uncle Don!

As your neighbor, the entertainment has been immeasurable.

I'm hoping on a showdown between the Gov. candidate and the Lt. Gov. Maybe pistols? Perhaps broken beer bottles? I know! Knives!

Shootin' Buddy