Monday, March 1, 2010

Gun Industry "Ambassador" Antonin Scalia to Hear Gun Law Case

You are so right. Alan Gottlieb is a filthy crook who didn't do his taxes right. He shouldn't be allowed to participate in a case before the Supreme Court. That's a Level One Citizen privilege only.

I mean, if he wanted to be Secretary of the Treasury, that'd be a whole different thing, but . . . .

Seriously, Josh, that's weak even for you. Nobody in America thinks the tax code makes any sense, even the people who are tired of hearing the rest of us complain about it. The only reason there was a hook there when Tim Geithner and the rest decided to take unofficial decade-long tax holidays was that they were applying to be in charge of the tax code they flouted. Since Mr. Gottlieb doesn't seem concerned that he'll be picked up on his outstanding warrants any time soon, I'd say chances are good that his tax problems are settled at this point.
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