Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wow--Why Does Rod Blagojevich Hate Roland Burris?

Roland Burris, for those of you from other states, is a Blagojevich supporter and advisor who's been with Blago for awhile, but has been largely out of the public eye for years now. He was the Attorney General here for awhile. And now, according to the Chicago Tribune, he's about to be appointed to Lord Obama's senate seat.

I can't quite suss this out. Do they think that because Burris was "never seriously considered" for the seat before, that means there are no incriminating discussions about him on tape--and that somehow means he can still be seated as a Senator? Surely not? I've been wondering if Blagojevich would appoint someone as a final kick in the jewels on the way out the door, but I don't see that here. I haven't heard of any fri
ction between Blago and Burris. I don't get it, but I think it's clear that anybody Blagojevich appoints is out of the running, period, whether there's a special election in our future or not. He'll have Blagojevich stink all over him.

In other news, Ed Genson, Blagojevich's lawyer, continues his campaign to piss off everyone in Springfield. I still maintain that this is part of a well-defined plan between Genson and Blagojevich. Genson handled the R. Kelly case and the Conrad Black trial, so he's not new to working with the press or managing public opinion. I'm of the opinion that he and Blago have agreed that there's nothing to be gained from trying to suck up the public at this point, and therefore it's time to make the public scream for Blago's head even louder in order to increase the value of the only card Blago still holds--the resignation-from-office ace in the hole. Blago sees his resignation and slinking away to be quiet as a bleepin' valuable thing, a thing you don't just give away for bleepin' nothing. He needs Illinois politicians to put pressure on Fitzgerald to offer him something in return for resigning, and in order to get that to happen, he needs a public clamor for his head.

Yesterday Genson told reporters that he doesn't like staying in the Executive Mansion--for free--because it's drafty, the bed's cheap, and the Lincoln Bedroom is too small anyway. He was "insulted" that he was offered such lousy--free--accommodations. But it's not just the Lincoln Bedroom or the Executive Mansion that don't measure up--he had to mention that he doesn't like Springfield, as well. If someone can tell me another good reason why this creepy vision of Michael Moore's future would talk this way to the press as he's supposedly trying to save Blagojevich's career--and why Blago would let him talk this way without firing him immediately--I'd be glad to hear it.


Tam said...

The sad thing about the whole spectacle?

You could be the cleanest politician in Illinois, and a call from Blagojevich's office under these circumstances would be the equivalent of being pushed onto the grenade.

If I was Blago right now, and had an IQ higher than the square root of -1, I would very publicly nominate the person I least wanted to see in the seat.

Don said...

That's what I was thinking, but apparently Burris is jumping on this. I don't get it. I can see maybe wanting to be Senator, but surely he doesn't think he's going to be seated? Am I just naive? I don't see how it's possible for Senate Democrats to go back on what they've all said in public and seat anybody nominated by Blagojevich.

Some of the "progressives" are saying, "But it'll be so hard to turn down Roland Burris, because he's so respected!" I'm not buying that. Most people have no idea who Burris is. They haven't heard his name in the scandals lately, but that doesn't mean they're ready to jump up and protest if he doesn't get a Senate seat. Blagojevich's name is what matters, and it's poison.

Anonymous said...