Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HA! . . . I don't get it.

The day is winding down. I have come down out of the attic (air temperature ~125 degrees . . . Celsius) to have a cold BLT and a colder Dr. Pepper provided by my lovely wife, and King of the Hill is on TV. It's the episode where Peggy bought a bookstore on impulse and found she couldn't make it financially without letting Dale sell guns out of the back.

My wife finds this funny, which is nice for her, but all I can think is "Yeah, I could kill a lot of afternoons in a place like that."

Seriously though, of all the ways to purchase a hobby job, is anything more certain to go under than a boutique bookstore?
Oh, yeah--gun shop. Right.


Tam said...

Boy, that's tough. I'd have to do some serious accounting to figure out which I spend more money on...

Sean said...

Run a hobby (models, trains) shop.