Saturday, April 12, 2008


My new best friend, Keith, is in the kitchen right now. Right this moment. You wanna know why Keith is my new best friend?

Because Keith is delivering my new washing machine and dryer, and Keith is doing all the work. We have so much in common! I mean, we're both bald, and . . . . well, the most important thing we have in common is that I was not looking forward to getting these things into place and getting them working, and Keith gets paid to do that for me so I can sit around blogging or something equally useless.

How elderly am I? I'm very excited about my new washing machine. We got huge-capacity models that are supposed to use a third of the water we were using before, so we should spend less time on laundry, which is good, because if we let it build up we can easily kill an entire Saturday or Sunday running loads of laundry through our ancient, mismatched laundry appliances. Mock me if you must. I don't care.


Anonymous said...

Right on and Hooray for Keith.
It's amazing how much time you gain
by having the laundry equipment
in-house. Happy continued blogging,
and keep up the watch on Our Beloved
Anon, Don
(also from DownState)

Don said...

Yup. We had a washer and dryer before, but they were a mismatched pair purchased at a local auction for about $50.

This new pair set us back a lot more, but I've already done one pretty involved repair on the old washer, so when it started to leak water, we figured it was a sign.

Of course, this means no newer car for me, at least for now, but it's going to be worth it. These things are whisper-quiet after our 25-year-old rustbuckets, and they handle a huge amount of laundry. The washer hardly uses any water (it looks like the clothes are hardly getting wet) but the towels already smell cleaner--and a week's worth of towels is one load. I've been doing laundry and drywall this morning, and it's almost done. We can even wash the king-size comforters and sheets from our bed in one load in this monster.

Also, I don't want to sound shallow or anything, but . . . . these things have real-glass windows in the doors. I can watch my laundry go around and around. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Not mocking at all. Very envious, however. Our ancient mismatched appliances are about to die at any minute, I'm trying to limp them along as long as possible! Real glass windows-extremely cool. Can't wait for the tax check thingie that the govt swears we're getting. Our washer always smells mildewy, I dunno why.

Anonymous said...