Thursday, April 3, 2008

Protesting Your Own Violent Behavior . . . The Chicago Way

Hmmm. . . . I don't think I get it. Students and parents want to stop the violence at their school--well, that makes sense. The problem is that the black students and the latino students don't seem to be getting along (well, that's the parents' version--a police officer lets slip that we're really talking about a black gang and a latino gang, the Gangster Disciples and the Latin Kings.) So it's not the students--not all the students--but a sizable number of gang members causing the biggest problem. Why are they in the school? Good question.
Remember poor Ruben Ivy? The young teenager who was shot and killed near a Chicago school a few weeks ago? Well, he really was 15 and it really was tragic when he was shot, but what the evening news didn't tell you was that his tragedy started years before when he first began building his long felony arrest record. His rap sheet was as long as his murderer's was.

So what's the solution to a school full of violent gang-bangers who hate each other a lot? Put them together in a large mob and get them chanting and feeling a little wild. Peace and tranquility should follow.


One God said...

There are now 600,000 illegal immigrants in North Carolina alone. Most work for Smithfields Packing (chicken and pork processors) However, the are several hundred in the over-the-counter drug (Orajel and Orajel branded name [Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Freds, etc.]) industry in Wilmington area.
Inside this facility, divisions of black and latino gangs with impunity for regulations both company and Federal (it is a drug manufacture, after all).
Un-heartining in the light that this part of the country is supposed to be the Buckle of the Bible Belt.

Don Gwinn said...


I wouldn't put too much faith in the Bible anything, even the belt. I know you and yours do your best to do what Jesus would do, but most Christians seem to figure they go to church so they won't have to deal with all that morality and philosophy in their day-to-day lives. I have no call to lecture Christians on theology, being one of them atheists, but a lot of them struggle with simple decency.

I don't know if you remember our house, but we're right behind the Methodist church on Church Street (no kidding.) The parsonage is actually the house across the back alley from us. We're friendly with the pastor and his wife, though we never see much of their three daughters. Then, last week, we went to our adoption preservation group dinner and met them there. It turns out their daughters were adopted from a very troubling background, which wasn't helped along any by moving to Virden and becoming The Dreaded Outsiders. The girls are predictably acting out (that's what abused children do, right?) and getting into trouble. One of them broke into the parsonage and the police had to be called. Another has shacked up with her teenage babydaddy. Trying times for anyone, but these people are doing their best to heal wounds that somebody else inflicted. It's not expected to be easy.

So what did the Virden Methodists do in this time of need for the pastor's family? Bring them casseroles and many jello-based dishes? For once, they did not. What they did instead was inform the pastor that at the next board meeting, he'd be fired and sent packing because his children were disruptive and not showing the right image for the Methodist Church.
Jesus would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Save the taxpayers a lot of $$ when they all kill each other off. Excellent idea. One God is right about the illegals in NC....I think 100K of those live in KVegas alone. (We have a populace-I know you're proud-of apx 30K)

Don Gwinn said...

I get what you're saying, but just so I know, KVegas is Knoxville, TN, right? I thought I had cracked your code.

Anonymous said...