Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Correcting Jesse Jackson

Arrest Motivates Jackson to Fight for Gun Control

"I think people have the right to bear arms at a hunting reserve. But you're not hunting deer with semi-automatic weapons," Jackson said in a phone interview.

Luckily enough, Jesse, you don't make the rules, and nobody has to give a fig that you think "bear arms" means "go on a canned hunt on a preserve."

And by the way, Jesse, you don't know what the word "semi-automatic" means--and you're embarrassing yourself. I hunted deer with a semi-automatic weapon for years when I was a boy--it was a Remington 1100 Lightweight Youth. My grandpa still uses a full-size Model 1100 for deer every year.
If you want to have any credibility on guns, Jesse, call your local range and sign up for an NRA safety course as a bare minimum.


Mr. Oblivious said...

Ha! Politicians (of both major stripes) love to make quotable comments on things they know nothing about. I can't imagine JJ making an exception this time.

BTW, I added a semi-automatic to my collection over the weekend.

To wit: http://www.auto-ordnance.com/ao_aom110.html

Can't wait to get to a range (or maybe I should say "target preserve") and try it out.

Sorry. Had to gloat to someone.

Don Gwinn said...

I like strawberry preserves, but there's a lot of cleanup involved if you want to take them with a shotgun.

That's a great little carbine. My dad used to have a Winchester M1 carbine, but he let it go when the gun shop closed and sold it at auction. If he'd known how much the auction would bring, he'd never have done it, but at the time he was worried about paying the bank.

It turns out people were willing to pay a lot more for the same guns at auction than they were in a retail store--we should have been having weekly auctions all along!

Fathairybastard said...

He's such a douche. Typical uninformed assholes trying to legislate out rights away. Thank God he has no real authority.

Don Gwinn said...

Don't hold back, buddy. Tell us how you really feel.

Anonymous said...

Bad Link on the Jessie jackson article, Can you repost it?

Don Gwinn said...

I can try, but it's almost a year old. It may be gone by now. Let me see what I can find. Since you're Anonymous, I hope you'll check back, because I can't send it to you.

Don Gwinn said...

I found it, but I'm not going to pay to post it. See, after 30 days, the Tribune archives their stories. The story is still there, but you have to search for it (free) and then if you'd like, you can purchase it ($3.95 per document, or you can buy various memberships.)

This one shows the abstract, which happens to be exactly the quote I posted here. It lists the article as a Metro piece 181 words long.

You could just Google words like "Jesse Jackson" "Riverdale" "Pfleger" and "arrest" together and find a lot more information than that.

Basically, it was your normal everyday Chicago newspaper article about Jesse Jackson. He got arrested by committing a crime and making an ass of himself, at the same series of protests where Pfleger got into trouble for threatening to "snuff out" John Riggio and various legislators, and all the Tribune wanted to talk about was how the experience had steeled his resolve to carry on the Five Year Plan For the Benefit of the People so that the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward could proceed.