Monday, June 18, 2007

Lawd, What a Woman!

Love of My Life: "Your windshield was so filthy I pulled in and washed your car."
Your Intrepid Hero: "Thanks, Honey!"
LML: "I also cleaned it out. And vacuumed."
YIH: "Wow . . . thanks, Honey!"
LML: "And I tried to put the book back in the glove box, but I couldn't."
*** Pregnant Pause ***
LML: "Because there was a huge wad of cash in the glovebox!"
YIH: "Oh, yeah!"
LML: "Why is there a huge wad of cash in the glovebox?"
YIH: "Why?"
LML: "Yes. Why?"
YIH: "Well, I told you I was saving up EMS paychecks . . . you know, to go to that course."
LML: "How much does 'that course' cost?"
YIH: "Uh . . . The Farnam course?"
LML: "Yes. How much does it cost?"
YIH: "Uh . . . about . . . . $400?"
LML: "Wow."
YIH: "Do you want me to skip it?"
LML: "Nope. But I'm glad you locked the glovebox."
(There's a kiss here and it gets kind of mushy. You see, this is my Father's Day present. For Father's Day this year, I am allowed to save up my ambulance-driving paychecks to pay for a shooting course. I wanted to do LFI-1 this year, but I got around to it too late. This course is probably actually better for me, relatively untrained n00b that I am, but it's more expensive--and although I wouldn't have lied to her about it, I figured it would be easier to explain after the money order had been sent. That was dumb. She's a hell of a woman.)


Don said...

The Love of My Life has informed me that she does not either talk like that.

I believe she may be referring to my use of italics.

Mr. Fixit said...

Funny stuff. Sounds like a good woman. By the way, you may be intersted, check my blog for a supposed "Free Course" at Front Sight. It's just too much info to re-type here.

And, assumeing you don't mind, I'd like to add a link to you on my blog.

Mr Fixit.

born_yesterday said...

just wanted to say i enjoy your blog

Don said...

Thanks, dude, I like it too.

Eric said...

The Farnam course is excellent. I can't compare it to LFI, because I haven't taken Ayoob's courses, but I have taken both the basic and advanced handgun courses from John and Vickie Farnam, and they are excellent. They cover the whole self-defense spiel, from not getting into a gunfight in the first place to how to deal with the cops afterward. Good luck and have fun. Great Father's day present.