Saturday, June 23, 2007

Snuffy and JJ Show On Hiatus

Well, it seems that a weekend spent actually protesting peacefully, exercising their rights as American citizens (and their privileges as subjects of Illinois) just wasn't exciting enough for "Father" Pfleger and the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson. There weren't enough TV cameras around, for one thing, and . . . . aw, heck, you just don't get the kind of breathless, open-mouthed attention from The Mainstream Press for a peaceful, civil demonstration of your convictions that a good death threat or a few arrests will bring.

The death threat thing is so two weeks ago. Srsly u guyz, it has been done to death.

So all that left was to go in and get arrested. So they did.

Chicago Tribune Story with Video

Chicago ABC Channel 7 Story with Video

These two say John (the gun shop's owner) invited them inside, but they "feared for their safety." Uh huh. They also claim that they didn't block the entrance and that John "pushed Reverend Jackson." Their stories don't add up. While Pfleger was telling the TV cameras that the complaint said he entered the property, but he "never entered anything, I was on a sidewalk" his partner JJ was telling others that "the police believe he (John Riggio) has the right to lock us out."

If Pfleger were telling the truth, then Jackson's summary of the police position would be all wrong. He, too, would be protesting that they never entered "anything," not saying that he thought he was within his rights to do so. It's enough to make you wonder whether "property," like "snuff," is a word Father Pfleger never learned in school. Does he think property refers only to the building?

Well, whatever. John got to see Snuffy and JJ frog-marched off his property in handcuffs, which is a good day no matter how you slice it. And Pfleger and Jackson got to spend precious minutes surrounded by attentive reporters, so they're probably still breathing in contented little sighs, too.

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MauserMedic said...

There certainly were TV cameras there, as I just sat through JJ spouting the usual drivel during his arrest on Fox. I'm waiting for a lawsuit based on damages to JJ's emotional well-being and reputation after that. He's not a just any shakedown artist, and that gun dealer owes him some respect while he tries to ruin his livelyhood.