Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Longhorn Jeff found this Letter to the Editor in the local fishwrap; I'm actually kind of proud of this one. The editors didn't change it, as far as I can tell, except to change a "%" into a "percent" and add the world's worst title. That's something of an accomplishment.

I don't really know how many minds I reach with a letter to the editor, but I figure the paper has a respectable circulation, and it makes me feel better.

Calls into question group’s gun statistics
In his recent letter to the editor, “Glad Durbin voted against concealed-carry proposal,” Thomas Mannard stated his opinion: Unlike marriage licenses, drivers’ licenses and most business licenses, licenses to carry concealed weapons from one state should not be recognized by all states. Fifty-eight out of 100 senators disagreed, but it’s Mannard’s facts that demand a closer look. Perhaps he should have checked them at before he wrote . . . .

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