Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update: Mark Kirk Senate campaign not helping

As I mentioned earlier, I called Mark Kirk's Congressional office on Monday to see when his "Downstate Swing" is scheduled. I want to be at the meetings, and since he's running for Senate, he's running to be my Senator.

The Congressional office took my phone number to forward it to the campaign office, which is only right--they have to keep those things separate. But it's now Thursday and the campaign office hasn't called back, so I gave them a call directly today.

According to the campaign workers, the meetings haven't been scheduled yet. Hmm. Well, they now have my address, phone number and email, so I should be contacted this time. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that someone clumsily put out a story about a "downstate swing" with public meetings in 14 specific cities before anyone had scheduled the meetings. But I can't help but observe that people all over the country are in full, screaming outrage over being shut out of "town hall meetings" and jerked around over the Obama healthcare plan.

The fact that Kirk is campaigning against the Obama health care . . . . thing . . . . means it would be unpleasantly ironic if his campaign managed to get him caught up in that same outrage.


FrankC said...

Honest screwup or ....
Check the office workers car bumpers for traces of a certain sticker.

robinhood72 said...

We have a GREAT man running against Kirk in the Primary that strongly supports the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry. His name is John Arrington, please go to and check him out!!