Friday, August 7, 2009

Chicago GRE: SAF and Heller attorney file new suit over D.C.'s ban on bearing arms

over D.C.'s ban on bearing arms
Alan Gura and the Second Amendment Foundation are headed back to court, this time suing the District of Columbia to force it to issue concealed carry permits. They've got four plaintiffs who should all have standing. If you're keeping track, this is three current lawsuits by Gura and the SAF that could all end up back in the Supreme Court before we're through.

Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman has a piece on the same subject from a different angle; Dave writes from Seattle, near the home of the Second Amendment Foundation.
"Sotomayor confirmed as SAF sues District of Columbia over gun rights"

And the Gun Rights Examiners welcome a new GRE today, Grand Rapids Gun Rights Examiner Skip Coryell. Skip is an author and firearms trainer who founded the Second Amendment March and is active with MCRGO, the organization that inspired much of the current pro-gun movement in Illinois.

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