Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sitemeter is addictive

It's amazing how habit-forming Sitemeter data is. It's probably all ego, but I can't help wondering what a person in Buenos Aires or Christchurch, New Zealand thinks of the inane crap I write. I've now had visitors from every continent except Antarctica.

The "Referrals" page at Sitemeter is my favorite, though. I've even found some spots I didn't know existed, like That's a big help for me, because Missouri is the only state I visit regularly with a concealed carry permit (my CCW is no good in my home state--more on that later.)

Most of the search result referrals are about what you'd expect. People searching for "Illinois gun works" and "Dan Kotowski" get sent here (this page is one spot higher on the Google front page than Dan Kotowski's loving Wikipedia homage, and that's hilarious.)

Well, this morning, somebody Googled the phrase "investigate people questions they ask to school staff" at the British version of Google ( and found out that this blog is the internet's number one source for . . . . well, something. So they visited. I hope they found something interesting, and I hope they were just trying to investigate good schools and not under investigation. That would be no fun at all, but then again, I could be getting visits from wannabe pedophiles the way Ambulance Driver did.


born_yesterday said...

no kidding!

HollyB said...

I, too, was addicted to my Site Meter at first. It is amazing when you see those hits from all over the world and scroll down and see what brought folks to your blog, isn't it?
If you're like me, it will wear off. In about 4-6 months you'll only be checkin' it once a week, or when you're bored.

Matt G said...

Heh. I wanted you to get your SiteMeter right off, to see the effect of about 5 of us pimping your blog. You quickly jumped up to a higher hitcount for one day than I've ever gotten.

Joseph said...

I've gotten some pretty interesting SiteMeter stuff too (in one case, 800x5000 resolution - WTH?). Come to think of it, I haven't put together a SiteMeter post for a while...

Don said...

The locations are fun, too, sometimes. One day somebody read me from for 45 minutes.

Just about everybody still comes through you, Tam, Lawdog, and Ambulance Driver, obviously.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

For awhile, I was getting lots of hits from the ATF--that was kind of fun, in a creepy sort of way.

"Snuffy" Pfleger's Saint Sabina Church stops by occasionally, too.

theirritablearchitect said...


This is kinda OT, but I couldn't help but notice the ongoing "dialogue" with the idiot over at Left Rudder, specifically the John Ross comments, Ross's characterizations in the first third of UC and how much you enjoyed that part.

I did too. It made me take notice of something you wrote in your comments, that being Tobias Wolff. I've never read anything by him, but after doing some quick research, I've decided to jump in with Old School. I'm curious, what's your favorite of his?

Thanks for the recommendation.

You mentioned Tobias Wolff

TattoedIntellectual said...

I was probably your Christchurch NZ hit, was actually in Wellington, but always seemed to show up as Christchurch. I'm in Sydney Aus for the next 6 months so that should show up. (I'm originally from the States and I'm over here working on a Masters degree.)