Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pfleger Got Yanked Much Faster Than A Pedophile Priest?

SailorCurt brought up a good point in comments--that the Catholic Archdiocese headed by Cardinal George in Chicago seemed to be treating "Snuffy" Pfleger more harshly than priests who have been found out as pedophiles. It was a good point, but I wondered if it held up, since I couldn't remember how that scandal was handled in Chicago. Each Archdiocese is pretty independent, so it might not be fair to judge Chicago by, say, Boston's behavior.

I needn't have worried. Mary Mitchell wrote about this very issue in the Chicago Sun-Times, and she remembers:

George moved a heck of a lot slower when it came to removing the Rev. Daniel McCormack, a pedophile priest, from St. Agatha Catholic Church in 2006.

As you may recall, George came under fierce criticism for failing to follow the advice of a review board at the Archdiocese of Chicago that called for the removal of McCormack over allegations that he was abusing boys in the parish and Our Lady of the West Side School.

The charges against McCormack exploded in the media in January of 2006 when Cook County prosecutors charged McCormack with sexually abusing two boys.

I don't agree with Mary Mitchell very often, but it's nice that she could help out today.