Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whew! Montana Probably Not Seceding. Yet.

Heller came down today. It looks like it's much better than I had hoped. Individual right, unconnected to militia service, all the good stuff. Apparently there's even a bit in there about "carrying" so maybe it can even end up helping with CCW in Illinois, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and a few other places.

I'm at Kinko's in Springfield right now, on my way to Rockford for the Winnebago County Meeting. It looks like passage is just about a sure thing at this point, but I figure, why not pack the seats? Besides, I can't buy fireworks in my county and I know there are a few along the way where I can . . . and I'm also going to stop off at Darnall's Gun Works in Bloomington and leave some fliers for the Second Amendment Freedom Rally (In Chicago, July 11th, don't miss it!) while I'm at it. So . . . got my day planned, you know?

I'm at Kinko's because I got my New Hotness PC fired up last night, but it's still running Ubuntu Linux from the disc (how cool is that, by the way?) and I foolishly tried to print the pdf of the Heller decision this morning. I froze the poor little trooper but good, so I had to stop here to print out directions to where I'm going. They want 51 cents per page for black-and-white printouts here, so I'm still not going to print out Heller. I guess I'll read it when I get home.

You stay awesome, Montana. Mayor Daley, try not to choke on a Polish. I want to see the look on your face when Chicago's law goes the way of D.C.'s. I'm guessing you won't take it as gracefully as Mayor Fenty did, because . . . . well, frankly you're an angry, red-faced, spastic little midget. Uh . . . . . Your Honor.